Information About
John Sisk, CAI, FCAI
 John Sisk Auctioneers, Inc.

   John Sisk Auctioneers was established in January of 1981. John attended Britten Auction
Academy in Bryan, Texas for something fun to do, not really meaning to get in the auction
business, while recovering from an accident that had caused him to spend the previous
13 months in the hospital.

   Encouraged by Walter Britten, the schools founder, that he really had some natural ability
in the bid-calling aspect of auctioneering, and with his corporate business knowledge coupled
with his experience in the construction area, he would do well to consider this as a profession.

   Having been to only one auction (a pure-bred cattle auction) in his life, prior to auction school,
the idea seem far fetched.  Once again, encouraged to practice and attend the Texas Auctioneers
Association's Convention by Walter Britten, he attended the convention that year and three
months out of auction school was awarded the Reserve Grand Champion Bid Calling
trophy for 1981.

   From that exposure, John began doing contract work for auctioneers all over the State, which
he still does, and eventually began setting up his own sales as well.  He believes in continuing
education and is constantly trying to better himself and his company.

   John is a member in good standing of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), the
Texas Auctioneers Association (TAA) (which he has served 3-Terms on the Board of Directors)
holding State License #7425, (AMI) (CAI) Auction Marketing Institute (from which he has
earned the distinguished "CAI" designation, the highest designation awarded for
professionalism in the auction industry, and has done all the course work to attain the
"GPPA" designation in appraising from the same Institute), (CAGA)
Certified Appraisers
Guild of America, and is a co-founder of (FCAI) The Fellowship of Christian Auctioneers International.

   John Sisk Auctioneers specializes in "On-Site Sales" of: Complete or Partial Business
Liquidations, Heavy Equipment, Vehicles, Machinery, Quality Estates and Real Estate Sales,
Municipalities, Farm Equipment, Contract Auctioneer, Fund-Raising, and is on the list of
SBA Approved Auctioneers.

   With a staff of twelve, dedicated, experienced and confident personnel; fully computerized,
using the latest in technology to better serve his clients, Sisk Auctioneers has the Ability
and Experience to handle any sale presented to the firm.