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Your Trusted On-Site and Online Auctioneer in South Texas or Wherever You Are.

All Auctioneers are not all created equal. They can vary significantly in terms of experience, fees, and reputation, which can all affect your overall experience with the company. If you want to go with a seasoned and trusted brand with over 1200 auctions, make it John Sisk Auctioneers.

Who We Are

John Sisk Auctioneers is an auction firm serving George West, TX, and other parts of the United States since 1981. Our strength lies in our dedicated, experienced, and confident staff, coupled with the fully computerized system that allows us to provide the most effective and efficient services to our clients.

What We Do

We organize auctions for fundraising purposes, engage in contract auctioneering, and specialize in the on‑site and online sale of various types of assets and properties, including:
Holding an Auction Paddle

Our Beginnings

John Sisk Auctioneers may be a well-established auction firm today but starting out it was not part of the original plan. After spending 9 months in the hospital due to an accident in 1981, John attended the Britten Auction Academy in Bryan, Texas just to look for something fun to do. He had no intention of entering the auction industry until he met the school’s founder, Walter Britten.

Walter saw John’s natural ability in the bid-calling aspect of auctioneering and started to encourage him to seriously consider the profession. Water believed that with John’s corporate business knowledge and experience in the construction area, he would make a highly successful auctioneer.

Having attended only one auction (a pure-bred cattle auction) in his life prior to auction school, John found the idea far-fetched. However, Walter was relentless as he continued to encourage John to practice and even convinced him to attend the Texas Auctioneers Association’s Convention. Within three months out of auction school, John was awarded the Reserve Grand Champion Bid Calling trophy in 1981.

From that exposure, John began doing contract work for auctioneers all over the state, which he still does today. Eventually, he set up his own auction business and has never stopped learning. John believes in continuing education and is constantly trying to better himself and his company.

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